Source code for desicos.abaqus.imperfections.imperfection

from __future__ import absolute_import

from desicos.abaqus.abaqus_functions import create_sketch_plane
from desicos.abaqus.utils import cyl2rec

[docs]class Imperfection(object): """Base class for all imperfections This class should be sub-classed when a new imperfection is created. """ def __init__(self): = '' self.thetadegs = [] self.pts = [] #NOTE zs, rs and pts are the same self.zs = [] = [] = None self.impconf = None self.amplitude = None self.sketch_plane = None def create_sketch_plane(self): self.sketch_plane = create_sketch_plane(self.impconf.conecyl, self) def get_xyz(self): r, z = self.impconf.conecyl.r_z_from_pt( return cyl2rec(r, self.thetadeg, z)