DESICOS Plug-in for Abaqus

With the aim to provide fast tools for pre- and post-processing tasks using the finite element software Abaqus, one can use the user-friendly version of the plug-in with a graphic interface (GUI) by executing the file START_GUI.bat.

You need Abaqus to be executable by the command line abaqus cae

All (and more) fuctionalities from the GUI can be accessed from the Python IDE in Abaqus, one short example to create a model would be:

from desicos.abaqus.conecyl import ConeCyl
cc = ConeCyl()

See the desicos.abaqus documentation for more details.

DESICOS Composite Module

Used to calculate laminate properties based on input data of stacking sequence and lamina properties.


from desicos.composite.laminate import read_stack
from desicos.conecylDB.laminaprops import laminaprops

laminaprop = laminaprops['degenhardt_2010_IM78552_cocomat']
lam = read_stack([0, 90, 45, -45], plyt=0.125, laminaprop)

Where lam is a desicos.composite.Laminate object and the constitutive matrices can be accessed doing lam.ABD (CLPT) or lam.ABDE (FSDT). See the desicos.composite documentation for more details.

DESICOS Cone / Cylinder Database (Imperfection Database)

A database containing data from structures studied in previous publications and the imperfection database for some samples that had their geometric imperfection and/or thickness imperfections measured. See the desicos.conecylDB documentation for more details.

Semi-Analytical Tools

The content of this repository dealing with semi-analytical models has been moved to:

And the modules previously accessed using:

import desicos

can now be accessed doing:

import compmech.conecyl

The aim of this module is to provide a fast and free solver for the linear and non-linear buckling analyses of unstiffened structures in the context of DESICOS.

Stochastic Tools

Developed by Pavel Schor (, this package brings algorithms to create new imperfection samples based on initially given samples. This module is contained inside the “stochastic” folder.

More information in:

Known issues:

Cone Ply Piece Optimization Tool (cppot)

Developed by Florian Burau ( and greatly improved by Jasper Reichardt ( this package offers a graphic interface to help the analyst during the manufacturing process of conical structures by finding the optimal ply piece shapes that should be cut during the manufacture process.