First example

In this example we will show, how to generate new cylinder model and how to save it to txt file.


This is very basic example, please reffer to theoretical manual for more explanation

Load inputs

  1. Go to input section (1.)

  2. double click on input table (a.), a Open files dialog will appear, select at least three files (by holding CRTL or Shift key)

  3. adjust cylinder geometry

  4. submit for processing by clicking (b.)

  5. watch message area (c.) until message ‘Now, you can generate new samples’ appears, or go directly to next steps


Save new cylinders

  1. Go to save section (3.)

  2. select how many new cylinders you want you want (d.)

  3. select base name for new cylinders. (e.) Note, that timestamp will be appended to name

  4. select folder, where you want to save new cylinders (f.)

  5. click (g.) to create new samples

  6. watch message area for progress


View new cylinders

  1. Go to view section (0.)

  2. select that you want to view txt file (h.)

  3. double click (i.),a Open file dialog will appear. Select one file, you want to view

  4. adjust viewing parameters

  5. click (j.) to view

  1. new window with visualisation will appear