Computational Mechanics (compmech)#

The compmech package contains semi-analytical routines for the analyses:

  • linear buckling

  • linear static

  • non-linear static

  • linear flutter

  • linear vibration


  • unstiffened cylindrical and conical shells

  • stiffened and unstiffened panels and plates

  • any assembly of 2D plates and curved panels

The implementation is based on Python and the low level routines are programmed in C and Cython.

The details about the theory and the implementations of all tools are given in the theoretical part of the documentation.

Released Versions#

All released versions available here

Version 0.8.0

Version 0.7.2

Version 0.6.6

Version 0.4.0

Version 0.3.2

Version 0.2.0 used in the PhD Thesis of Saullo G. P. Castro